Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few projects this weekend...

Back in 2009 I posted the layout I had made after I met Peter Facinelli, from the Twilight series...well I got to meet him almost a year later, and wanted to post that layout as well! I also made an "Edward" themed idea book I had made...I love it. I use it all the time to write out ideas I have for projects and pages. And last but not least, I wanted to show you the little bag of candy I threw together for a friend at work. It was veryyy simple and took maybe five minutes.

This weekend absolutely flew by, but what a blast! Mikey and I finally got to spend some quality time with my bff Faith, and her kids, and also our favorite cousin Clara. Lots of pool time and laughs, so this weekend couldn't have been better. Last night Mikey and I stayed up until 2:30 a.m. crafting, I couldn't beleive it when I looked at the clock! I'm just so happy he's got my creative interests, it's good, Mother/Son time together when we're crafting. I was able to make a birthday card and little something for one of my friends at work. Nothing too fancy, I'm still trying to get back into the groove of things. I think if I had more time to devote to my crafting, I'd do a lot better. I constantly feel like I'm rushing to get things done. I also have a hard time peelng myself away from Pinterest; I get so carried away pinning projects I'd like to try, that I never get around to doing them!! I'm not the only one, I know!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

My new (&condensed) scrap area!

Back in 2009 I posted pictures of my scrap area that was built in the corner of our basement. As much as I loved it, and as much as I got accomplished down there, I couldn't handle the creepy crawlers that came with it! It got so bad that I stopped crafting bad is that!? I begged and pleaded with the hubby about moving into a bigger and better house, one with three bedrooms so I could finally have my very own craft room. Well,that didn't fly. So instead, I moved our HUGE dresser out of our bedroom, and took over the corner of the room. It's very small, and cramped, but it's spider free and I think, cute. It's comfy and cozy, and perfect; I can still cook dinner while I craft, or keep an eye on Mikey. I'm in the center of it all! And it's my own colorful, sweet space :)

Cricut Onesie, and Piggy Bank

I made this over the weekend for my Supervisor's brand new baby Granddaughter. Her name is Gabriella, but for giggles, they're calling her "G-Bell". We all know they'll never find personalized items for the sweet girl, so here's a start! I used the George & Basic Shapes font cartridge for both. And in the end, I was pleased with how they turned out. The onesie looks so pretty in person, as soon as I painted it, I sprinkled glitter on it, and it dried perfect. Instead of wrapping it in boring old wrapping paper or a gift bag, I decorated a plastic cylinder I had around the house; I figured it could be re-used to hold Gabi's barretts and bows!

Back in Business BABY!

Wow, it's been a REALLY REALLY REALLY long time since I last signed in on here. So much has happened since 2009, I don't even know where to start. I guess I'll start with my biggest accomplishment; on December 30th, 2009, I made the decision to have Bariatric Surgery. And here I am, 125 pounds lighter, with no regrets. GOD has been good!! It was a LOT of work, I'll admit that, but so worth it. And I'll be the first to admit, too, it was the scariest time of my life. I cried up until they wheeled me down to the OR! Here's my official "before" picture, taken just a week before the procedure. And below it is a picture that was taken a few months ago. It's still hard for me to grasp that this is really me! In my eyes, I'll always be that extra fluffy girl, that hid behind the baggy clothes and fake smiles.

My son Mikey was the main reason I did this, I want to live for him. I want to live to see my Grandbabies, and be active with them. I want to grow old with my husband, and just enjoy life.

Mikey will be turning 8 years old in less than two months, I can't believe it. I'm saddened by how quickly he's growing up, I truly wish there was a "pause" button. It's no longer "cool" for me to walk him to his classroom, no more kisses goodbye. It breaks my heart, I want to keep him 4 years old forever!!!

Well, this is all I have for right now, I have a few things I need to get done so I can go back to work tomorrow. I will post again shortly though, I have a lot more to update, and some new projects I've worked on!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Dr. Carlisle Cullen from the Twilight Series

Yes girls, it's true, I met Dr. Carlisle Cullen. I'm still so excited about it, I can't believe it really happened. This LO is framed, and hanging in my scrap area, I want to be reminded everyday! The only Cricut used was the date, from Plantin Schoolbook. Papers are DCWV, and Me & My Big Ideas. K & Co stickers, and misc flowers. TFL!!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thank you

I had so much fun making this one; I actually used my Pooh Font cartridge for the Tigger, cut him at 4". On the inside is "Thank You" from Beyond Birthdays. Rub ons are Stampin Up!, ribbon is from the $1 bin at Target, and papers are Recollections. TFL!