Friday, August 7, 2009

Check me out!

Here's a picture of me (after a very long day) with my freshly painted E, and my new Simply Sweet cart that I won from I am too excited!!! Go check out the website, it has a lot of tips and really good contests, and the girls there are wonderful! XoXo


  1. WOW!! You are one BRAVE girlie! Your E looks wonderful with it's new makeover. You did a great job and picked such a "perfect" color. Way to go...Linzie!! Oh, and congrats on the cart WIN! :)

  2. PLEASE! You must give me instructions on how you painted your cricut! I beg you :) How did you do it and is it really as perfectly painted as it looks? Certain paint? it's absolutley PERFECT! Where did you find the paint and come up with the idea???

    email me! at